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Kristina Averbuch

Kristina Averbuch
Designated Managing Broker and Owner

Kristina Averbuch is a seasoned real estate broker and business owner with proven expertise and demonstrated success in offering concierge real estate services to each individual client throughout the last 15 years. As a true representation of a motivated, passionate, and dedicated real estate professional through and through, Kristina has been able to reconfigure the current real estate business model and transform it into something more bespoke, more personalized, and more uniquely tailored to the suitable preferences, tastes, interests, lifestyles, and goals of her individual clients.

Since 2004, Kristina has been heavily involved in the real estate industry, first as an Assistant to the Branch Manager of mortgage lending where she learned the ins and outs of the real estate industry as it relates to lending, mortgaging, and home finances. After serving as a Loan Originator for 9 years, she looked to move away from the financial aspects of buying and selling real estate and more towards real estate sales.

After 4 years of working as a licensed broker, Kristina decided to pursue her own individual vision for how she believed real estate brokerages should work with and represent their clients across both the residential and commercial real estate industries. In 2018, Kristina opened EmiRei Real Estate Brokerage. At EmiRei, Kristina worked to instill a positive brand identity that revolved around the ideas of offering bespoke, highly personalized, and individualized real estate services and representation that not only meets the unique needs of her clients, but also exceeds them and goes beyond the general conventions of a typical real estate brokerage. She understands how that next step always helps to ensure that each of her clients feel comfortable in the investment that they’re about to make because when it comes to real estate, these investments are often the largest financial purchase or sale that we’ll ever make throughout a lifetime!